Thursday, January 26, 2017


Due to the snow day, Mrs. Cadoret's class will also be taking their Social Studies Assessment on Friday, 1/27. We will also be moving our Electronics Day to Monday, January 1/30. 

Friday, January 20, 2017


Social Studies- Chapter 4 Assessment 

Cadoret: Thursday, January 26
Racine: Friday, January 27

Class Paw Reward:
Electronics many be brought to school for Mrs. Cadoret's class next Friday, January 27 for our whole class reward. Students will have the opportunity to use chromebooks here at school if they would like instead of bringing their own electronics. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Opinion Paper Assignment

Since we have been back from break we have been working on what makes a good opinion paper. We have been reading articles that show both sides of the issue, dissecting parts of a good opinion paper, and are now starting to write our papers. Below are the assignment and due dates.

Opinion Paper Assignment
Length: minimum of 5 paragraphs
Topic: Tablets vs Textbooks in the Classroom
Outline due: Friday, January 20
Rough Draft due: Friday, January 27- turned in on google classroom for feedback
Final Paper due: Friday, February 3- turned in on google classroom for grade

Assignment: Write a paper about your opinion on the topic. The paper should include the following:

  • Introduction with your opinion
  • Body paragraphs- each paragraph should include on reason that supports your opinion and evidence
  • Transitions between ideas
  • Conclusion

Monday, December 5, 2016

50 States & Capitals Test

Our 50 States and Capitals test is upon us. This Friday, 12/9 will be the end of our unit. Kids should be studying all week and completing the final packet. No late work will be permitted as it is the end of the unit. Students can study any way they like. ie: flashcards, interactive S.S. sites through the blog,etc. Here are 2 catchy videos/tunes to also help! Good luck studying!! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

State Brochures

Final State Brochures due Tuesday, 11/22!! (Those leaving early for break please hand it in prior to leaving)

Monday, October 24, 2016

States & Capitals Unit Study

Dear Parent/ Guardian,

Our focus for the next six weeks will center on the United States, its specific regions and capitals as well as mapping skills.
During our study of the United States, we will try to become familiar with our country’s geographical features and specific characteristics of each state. Each child will select a state of their choice for specific research to gain more insight into the states around us. Students will be given time throughout the school to complete the research, but they may work on it at home if they chose, or need.
One of the goals during our state study will be for each child to attempt to learn all 50 states, their capitals and be able to locate them on an unmarked map. We will do this as non-threatening as possible by breaking the states into regions and by learning one region at a time. Your child will be given packets of information to complete each region on Monday as part of their weekly homework assignment, due back on Fridays, along with a study guide for them to learn the correct placement and capitals for their quiz on the Friday of each week. (Due to the school calendar, these dates may be subject to change) We will be reviewing these in the classroom.
Hopefully each child will reach this goal and have fun doing it. For some this may be difficult, so I am hoping that for these students that they will end knowing more than what they did prior to starting our study. I do not want this to be a frustrating or threatening to any of the students. I would stress that they should be able to know the Northeastern region since it is the area in which they live.
Thank you for all your extra help, support, and encouragement throughout this six week span. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact me any time.

~Mrs. Cadoret

Here is the format/dates we will be following! Please Save and refer back to this!
Study Sheets
Quiz/Test Date
Northeast Region
October 24-28
Friday, October 28
Southern Region
October 31- November 3
Thursday, November 3
Midwest Region
November 7-11
Friday, November 11
Plains Region
November 14-18
Friday, November 18
Western Region
November 28 - December 2
Friday, December 2
Final Test on all 50 States
December 5 - 9
Friday, December 9

Have fun!!!!